Organic Bison Meat Reviews

Looking for original and natural bison meat?

Imagine that you just arrived home after getting off work late or doing physically demanding exercises, what do you want to have for your dinner? Would organic bison meat be your best choice? A dish of juicy and tasty steaks will be our common wish. Grass-fed and grain-finished North American bison meat will be an irresistible choice for us. 

All of these desires can be fulfilled with the selection of the TenderBison steaks, which offer tender, high quality, fresh and healthy buffalo meat whenever you need. More importantly, the premium steaks come from grass-fed and grain-finished bison that are so organic that they have been accredited by the U.S. Department of Agriculture Organic certification. Containing no artificial growth hormones and chemical stimulants, the bison steaks are the perfect choice for satisfying our hungry stomach healthily.

A small change in meat selection make huge differences in your life

“We are what we eat,” foods have always been an important part of our life. Worried about potential harm to our health, we will try to avoid artificial foods. Unfortunately, even seemingly natural food such as meats can be the transporter of toxins to our bodies. This is the reason why organic meat outperforms its inorganic cousin. The little change in selecting meat can alter our health.


  • Harmless source of meat
  • Nutrients rich
  • Experiencing the original taste

1. Harmless source of meat​

Food safety has always been a big health issue that matters to everyone’s life. Nowadays, non-organic meats producers have been using a wide range of growth hormones and chemical supplements to maximize production efficiency and profitability. Consuming such meats will ingest these growth hormones, which have been scientifically proven to cause hormonal imbalances, health problems to reproductive organs or even cancers.

Feared of affecting profitability, these farmers usually dose their livestock with antibiotics, drugs, and parasiticides to prevent them from getting diseases. This practice has been criticized for the potential of bringing bacteria with antibiotics-resistant to humans, which is the most harmful among vulnerable populations such as the elderly, pregnant women and people with poor immunity.

These appalling practices are all strictly prohibited in organic meats such as the TenderBison steaks which are accredited by the USDA organic certification unless the animals are sick. Simply choosing organic meats help you get rid of these harmful materials.

Non-organic meats not only contain harmful chemicals but also may be genetically modified, which may bring unforeseeable long term health impacts. Luckily, using genetically modified organisms are rigidly prohibited from USDA organic certification accredited products.

Marking a sharp contrast to non-organic ones, organic meats are from animals that eat more grasses and move more contain less fat. Also, bison meats have much less fat content and calories compared with other red meats. Organic bison meat is surely good for our health.

2. Nutrients rich

Omega-3s are good for our heart but generally scarce in Western diets because of its limited supply in our foods. People are recommended to double such intake. Finding an all-natural source of Omega-3 is, therefore, an important element in our diet. Containing about 50% more of it than conventional products, organic meat helps you balance your diet quietly.

Quality of meat is of course affected by how it is produced. The grown-up in an all-natural environment, grass-fed, and grain-finished livestock produce meats with higher quality. For example, more healthy unsaturated fats are found in organic meat, which helps lower the risk of high blood cholesterol. Consuming these organic meats can help improve the health of your circulatory system in the long term.

3. Experiencing the original taste

Although we emphasize health effects, we will never forget the delicious aroma that steaks bring to us. Produced from animals fed more naturally, organic meats bring to us a more original and fresh taste. This is more than just a subjective feeling, studies show that organic meats are rich in antioxidants which enrich the meaty taste. If you have sensitive taste buds, perhaps the simplest way to identify organic meat is to taste it.

Organic food for health-conscious you

If you are conscious about your and your family members’ health, you will find that the benefits organic meats can bring to you are fantastic. The only thing you need to do to escape from unnatural harmful substances is to choose organic meats. After all, enjoying a delicious steak with a low health risk is what we all want.